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Hair Care Skin Care Body Care Pets Care Toiletries
Rebonding Cream Peeling Mask (Gel Based) Sun Block Lice Shampoo Sanitizer
Nuturizer Powder mask Lotion Treatment Shampoo Detergents
Perming Lotion Pepper mask Massage oil Perfume Shampoo Cleaning Gel
Treatment Day cream Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo Dish Wash
Shampoo Night cream Grape Seed oil Hair Perfume Car Wash
Conditioner Whitening Series Jojoba Oil Hair Softener Fabric Wash
Masque Firming Series Olive Oil Lice Spray Fabric Softener
Gel Hydrating series Essential Oil Sanitizer Air Freshener
Wax Stemcell series Soap Fabric Refresher
Pomade Serum Body Spray Car Refresher
Hair Cream Toner perfume
Hair Spray Cleanser Shaving Cream
Hair mousse Vitamin Serum Aloe Vera Mist
Tonic Stemcell Serum Aloe Vera Gel
Serum Whitening Serum Shower Gel
Vitamin Serum Lip Cream Moisturiser
Essential Oil BB cream Whitening Cream
Argan Series CC Cream Slimming Lotion
Grape Seed Series Sun Block Hot Cream
Jojoba Series Foundation
Olive Series Soap
Aloe Vera Series
Stemcell Series
Scalp series
Baby Series
Feminine Wash


Once we have an appointment, normally we will send our sales team to meet up with the client personally. In fact we prefer to approach client’s office or to meet up at a place where is comfortable and suitable for a meeting.

It is our mission to understand the client needs and wants, therefore our advances and suggestions will be giving during the discussion.

The team member will submit all the requests to R&D department after discussion ;

  • Quality Request
    Start researching the requirement of ingredients and quality that clients want, therefore to develop a formulation accordingly.
  • Examination
    Samples will be taken to be examined and tested for chemical reaction.

Packaging and Labeling selections will be given;

  • Packaging Design
    Based on what client requests and preference. In fact, there are some clients whom prefer to have their own packaging outfit, so we will design accordingly and open up a new mold for them.
  • Labeling Design
    There are two choices for it :
    – Sticker Printing > minimum order 1000 pcs
    – Packaging Printing > minimum order 5000 pcs
    Company logo and product information will be designed accordingly.

Once everything is completed to client’s satisfaction, Official OEM and ODM agreement will be issued and signing by both parties.

Official quotation will be presented according to unit price and minimum order quantity. Before processing 60% of the total amount will be taken as a deposit and NOT refundable. Balance has to be settled before or upon delivery. Methods of payment can be cheque, cash, bank in or internet transfer.

Raw material mixture will be processing according to the formulation or R&D and then technical verification process is operating at the same time to achieve the GMP standard.

For the best result and outcome, product inspection is necessary such as filling process, quality verification and product storage.

For all cosmetic products must register N.O.T accordingly from BPFK, besides HALAL certificate will take into a consideration for some clients which is optional. The payment will be made in separately from the quotation.

Goods will be done and deliver in 10 – 14 days, starting from the date of deposited. Delivery will be free of charge within Klang Valley, unless certain circumstances occurs.