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8 million in new transportation bonds, $241

The plan for the coming year can’t be sustained beyond 2016, so the debate over the future of road and rail projects remains unresolved.”If I’ve learned one thing in politics, there’s no battle that’s ever completely won or lost https://www.cheapjerseyss17.com/,” said Mike Proto, AFP’s communications director. “This issue’s not going to go away, and we’re going to continue to fight it tooth and nail.”The Transportation Trust Fund will in essence drain its accounts, max out its credit card and score money from a couple of relatives to get through 2016.Department of Transportation spokesman Steve Shapiro said the 2016 financial plan includes $626.8 million in new transportation bonds, $241.5 million in New Jersey Transit repayment of a cash advance for the current budget, $35.9 million from interest on Build America Bonds and the $280.8 million cash balance the trust fund expects to carry into the fiscal year.MORE: Gas tax alternatives blasted as “asinine” and “absurd”That amounts to $1.538 billion in funding, plus roughly as much from federal sources.Beginning in July, all the money from the gas tax and other revenues that go into the trust fund will be needed to repay past borrowing.Prieto said he hasn’t yet seen the details of the plan from the Christie administration, beyond its announcement last month that it borrow around $600 million.Prieto noted that the five year financial plan that allows the borrowing also intended for Christie to spend $1.8 billion on transportation projects from the regular state budget, often referred to as pay as you go or paygo. The state instead put in $65 million, all in the program’s first year..

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